Sunday, December 30, 2007

Advent of Rover

When Rover was old enough ,
he went to the valley ,
and then he climb up the hill,
he gulp the Strang brew from his Amber glass bottle, and he thought,.
I 'm watching stream , and waterfall and lots of grammatic mistakes
he was waiting for the train, called "La Villa Strangiotto",.
he was afraid, it must be full of kids, he he, Kids are fun,
but what about their moms?,.
and at that same time clouds came by, so white,
then he cant see the valley below, so he jump,.
he landed on a roof of house with a chimney,.
he saw through the chimney ,
there was fire burning, and smell of food coming through ,. so he jump again ,
this time in chimney,
and he landed on Dininig table,
surrounded with lots of sofisticated people
and he slept on a table..........

Saturday, December 22, 2007