Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lonar Crater (Meteor Crash)

50.000 years ago meteor crash on planet earth, check out the impact,
these are the photos from Lonar crater, there are few ruins of temple, in the crater,
this is called “Yadneshwar” built by Guru of Rakshas “Shukracharya”,
crater is full of salty acidic water, people over there believe that it cures all kind of skin diseases, and it is blessing of some goddess

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Lake lonar 45 sec. movie

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Paithani Saree

I visited this place called "Paithan" in Maharashtra,
town is famous for Handloom sarees,

Paithani Sarees
Known the world over as a poem hand woven in silk and gold, Paithani Sarees are for those with discerning and refined taste. The art of weaving Paithani flourished in 200B.C., during Satvahana era. since then Paithani is coveted in India as a precious heirloom passing on from generation to generation. Exquisite silk from Paithani was exported to many countries and was traded in return for gold and precious stones. Shear dedication and the faith of the weavers has kept alive Paithani silk work for more than 2000years. Real Paithani is hand woven pure silk and gold/silver

Intricate designs on pallu and border is a specialty of Paithani Sarees. Motifs on pallu are generally peacock, lotus, mango and other designs taken form Ajanta Caves. Traditional creative artistry and pain staking workmanship combine to form this unique cloth. Paithani Sarees can take between 2 months to years to manufacture, depending on border and pallu design and costs from Rs.6000/- to Rs.500,000.

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Check out my one min video,
Making of "Paithani Saree"


look how beautiful Ayesha Takia in those "Paithani Sarees"