Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Toddy Toddy piya Karo!!!!!

When I went to HouseBoat trip in Allapuza ,
I visited Toddy Shop in between,

at the gate

Toody Shop Food Menu,
here you get yummy Seafood,

Toddy Bottles

Check out these, offering buddy a drink,

two more friends enjoy their drink under a "Aiffel tower"!!!

Kitchen, looks like Witches Prepartion in the cauldron

Backwaters Delicacy: "Karimeen" or "Pearlspot"

Marinated Karimeen

Deep fry in pure Coconut Oil

toddy shop manager showing me the coconut tree, which braught us sweet Toddy

Special Knife to cut the flower of Coconut

My Boatman Shibu

After few Toddy Drinks
(Camera is out off Focus or Focus is out off Camera)

Bye Bye Backwaters!!!

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