Sunday, January 6, 2008

Everybody loves Krishna,

Krishna is our Romantic, Brat God,

From Loverboy to Deadly Killer (Remember Jarasandha)

He has Justification for everything,
He steal ( Rukmini and Curd from the "Mataka") He kills
He Play Music and Politics at the same time
He tells Lie, (Mai nahi maakhan khayo)
and He glorified truth in GEETA,.

And I love him

I dont want to Contradict things, Whatever he did was on Purpose, (for the goodness sake)

Not only girls , but guys are also ready to die for him,.
( Sudama, Saint Narahari, Saint Eknaath, and lot of Hippy Dudes, Including me :))

If Krishna is reading this Post somewhere in Fantasy 'Vrindavan' Land,.
just want to say - "hey Kriss, buddy"

"Shower your Love on me"



Meenakshi said...

krishna bhakta shekhar...

hope ur buddy Krishh is really reading this..

there was a song i used to sing when i was small... one of the hindustani songs i learnt then... u would love it.. actually that was the time when i myself was Meera personified (lol; i have overcome it)

" muraliya baje jamuna ke theer......

Meera ke prabhu girdhar nagar..
meera ke prabhu giridhar nagar
charan kamal par sheesh re..

muraliya baje jamuna ke theer, jamuna ke theer. "

ShEkHaR said...

wow Meera personified, Nice
I love that Song,.
We used to play that song in Artschool class, in the afternoon,

sunke muze sahi neend aata tha,.