Thursday, January 17, 2008

I've Got Everything

As i told you before, I'm in Poetry mood
After my Silly Poem (LA Dog)
this is the new one, scribbled it last week :)

"I've Got Everything"

I've got ear
but I dont hear
I've got eyes
so dont tell me lies
I've got nose
that I cant close
I've got leg
so I cant beg
I've got head
thats why I get paid
I've got hair
thats where everyone stare
I've got nail
so long you cant tell
I've got hand
thats why I'm in the Band
I've got Girlfriend
whose got Boyfriend

I've got lung
I've got tongue
I've got headaches
I've got toothaches
I've got this
I've got that

I've got everything
but I dont know anything


Meenakshi said...

o shekhar...

full poetry mode....

hey i dint know LA dog was ur original creation...

sahi chal rela hai...

cute poem...

keep writing!

Meenakshi said...

arey likho na...

waiting to read more of your poems and other art work...

busy bee???

chalo njoy work!

Sunil Shiv Shankar said...

Had a laugh. Especially: got girlfriend whose got boyfriend. Sahi re.

Raghu G said...

are tu ....?

buggy said...

meeenaaashiii.....stop writing!!!!!...hehehe