Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Zapatalela Pravasi

“Zapatalela Pravasi”
(one more childhood book)
Marathi translation of “Around the world in 80 days” by Jules Verne,
Translated by My Alltime favorite and inspiring writer B.R.Bhagavat,
Cover design by My Alltime favorite and inspiring artist Deenanath Dalal.
“Zapatalela Pravasi” literally means: Possessed Traveler
Actually ‘zapatalela’ term used in Maharashtra for someone who is possessed by spirits, ghosts,.

In this particular story our lead character ‘Phileas Fogg’ is possessed by the challenge to trip around the world and finish it within 80 days,
(now this story is written more than 100 years ago, nowdays you’ll finish touring it in 8 days)

Check out the illustrations from the book,
Guess; who is the artist,......

It is "Balasaaheb Thakare" of Shivsena.
More Childhood Memoirs later....


vetya said...

Jai Ho!!!

priyanka thaware said...

Kindly help me find this book. Its for my thesis.. And it's extremely urgent!!! Plz help

priyanka thaware said...

Kindly help urgently I have been searchingfor this book