Thursday, January 8, 2009

Book of Russian Fairy Tales

This is the book that inspires me a lot in my childhood
Book of Russian fairy tales translated in Marathi,
There are 17 stories altogether, featuring “Sundar Vasilisa”,
means “Beautiful Vasilisa”,
Story about Little girl encounter with evil witch in the woods,
Story contains lot of visual elements which I cherish till now,
Witches Hut which standing on a chicken leg,
Talking Russian Doll, fence made of glowing skulls,
And lot more


Meenakshi said...

what so u mean by wicked snow queen???

why don't you make an adapted version???completely illustrated in your style???

I saw the raven.. i tried to comment, but i have no midea how to do it..din't find any way to comment.

the movie was cool..the animation and Shaiulesh's picturization was very well's just that unless a lay-man hasn't read the poem "The Raven", it would be hard to comprehend its real beauty.

sharmishtha said...

first of all let me thank you,
cause this was very favourit book of mine in childhood, it was with my cousines inlaws. in school vacation when we used to go to her home i used to read that book.but now they dont have that book.I think name of the book is
'russian parikatha' now i want that book for my son. do you you have other stories from that book if possible pls pls send me. My email id is

vihanga said...

Hey...Thanks so much for this story..
I spent all my childhood in reading all these stories. We use to love it a lot!!
But unfortunately I lost the book while shifting house....
But I was so excited to c ur scan copies...
If you have some more scan copies or If you know from where I could buy the book..please send info on

Once again thanks buddy!

Nachiket said... childhood would have been incomplete without this book. sadly ive misplaced my copy. how can i get in touch with you? can i get the bok photocopied? te pustak haravala tar mala mazya balpanakade valun baghata yenar nahi asa vatata!
nachiket kulkarni

Mrunmayee said...

I too want this book.. plz plz plz tell me where can i get it? my email is .

Samir said...

seeing these few pages of my fev book of childhood made my day buddy.
Thanks a lot.Hope they will publish it again.publisher was raduga i guess.

Poonam Nikam said...

hey frnz dis book is available on in english version named vasilisa the beautiful

Devadatta S. Rajadhyaksha said...


Many thanks for sharing this beautiful book.

Some of us are trying to build a repository of scanned books. These are available at and

We'll be grateful if you can scan and share more such books from the Soviet Union.



Kaustubh said...

Like all other, I want to know the same thing, where can I find remaining stories ? Where can I find this complete book ?

ganesh katrut said...

i have copy of marathi book anybody interestedcontact me on

Renuka Karmarkar said...
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srushti divekar said...

Hey can't belive wht I m seeing can u upload all pages? or is it too much to ask? sorry me pan bakichan sarakha he pustak haravalay
Thanx for sharing!

Devadatta S. Rajadhyaksha said...

We've uploaded scanned copies of all pages of Sunder Vasilisa at

Happy reading

Unknown said...

Hi shekhar,please let me know where can I get this book in marathi? I love this book very much.

Bhupali Acharya said...

Hi shekhar,please let me know where can I get this book in marathi? I love this book very much.

Aishwarya Kharade said...

I lost my copy. I absolutely loved this book as a kid

Gautam ingale said...

Mala he book haw aahe mala kuthe ch milat nahi aahe. Mi lahanpani wachali Hoti gosht beduk rajkanya,him kolha, ya goshti hotya Russian parikatha madhe mala te book haw aahe kuthe Mikel please sanga mala jar kuthe milal tr war pathwa detail